Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ovation Made My Moms Hair Fall Out!

Everyone has heard of Ovation on the radio with tons of positive results that claim to make your hair thicker, stronger, and longer. Their claim may be true for many but when my mom recently tried it, it made her hair fall out it clumps when combing. I'm not sure it this it due to part of her hair being chemically treated with a relaxer(not to be confused with a "perm" that uneducated people like to call it), but it got to the point where she just decided to shave it all off because she was self conscious about it. 
Be warned when trying over-hyped products, test a strand in the back and see how you react to it. I would hate for anyone to lose their hair when they are trying to achieve thicker, stronger, and longer hair.

P.S. On a positive note for the company, their de-tangling spray actually works pretty well on my hair and has not made it fall out or thin like it did for my mother.
P.S.S My mom is Jamaican so she has kinky curly natural hair.

Thanks for reading, XOXO Des