Friday, March 4, 2016

Aliexpress Swimsuit Haul

I'm not much into doing hauls, mostly because I rarely buy a lot of items at once and when I do I usually get them for really cheap either through Aliexpress or my local shops-Rue21, Ross, Marshalls, and Burlington. Personally, I feel its crazy to spend so much money on clothes that'll get worn out in a couple of month or ruined from my younger sister stealing them, so I try to find cheap stuff that is also good quality.
When shopping on site like Aliexpress its best to read the feedback and hope for the best because not every seller is reliable or truthful about the products they are selling. Below I have the products I bought and my little review on each one and the seller about how long an item took to get to my house along with if it matches the product description.
All of the swimsuits I ordered arrived exactly two weeks(to the day) after I ordered them, which is pretty fast when you take in account that they ship from China.

Swim Suit #1
Price: $5.47
Size: Small(S)
Top: Fits like any other triangle bikini it is just more intricate in the backing detail.
Bottom: Extremely tiny and would be considered a "thong" or cheeky fit and honestly felt like an extra-small when compared to a regular American Bikini Bottom.

Swim Suit #2
Price: $5.27
Size: Small(S)
Top: Fits well if your boobs are a B or C cup in American bra sizes, the downside to this top is that the back is not adjustable.
Bottom: Fit like any other American bikini bottoms that are a size small.
Bonus: Includes straps if you want don't want to wear it as a bandeau.

Swim Suit #3
Price: $6.15
Size: Small(S)
Top: Extremely small and has no padding, I would only advise buying this if you are smaller than a B cup in regular bras or wear a size extra-small in swimwear tops. Personally it doesn't fit me well and I will probably give it to my younger sister.
Bottom: Perfect fit for me and the strings on both sides allow you to adjust them like any other string bikini.

Swim Suit #4
Price: $6.83
Size: Small(S)
Top: The fabric between the cups is a bit loose but besides that it fits. The cups on the suit fit for a B or C cup size.
Bottom: Basic bikini bottoms that fit like every other small.
Bonus: Includes straps that tie around your neck.
Other: Has white polka dots that don't photograph well but still look adorable giving it that "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" song vibe.

Swim Suit #5
Price: $3.94
Size: One Size
Top: Fits like a small or extra small and offers no support for your breast. The white looks more like an off-white rather than a clean crisp white shade.
Bottom: N/A
Other: I purchased this to go with some white lace bikini bottoms I got last summer on clearance at Burlington Coat Factory.

Swim Suit #6
Price: $5.73
Size: Medium (M)
Top: Extremely small and the padding included is very round and unnatural, I took the padding out and the top fit slightly better but was still pretty small compared to what I'm use to.
Bottom: Fit like an American size small and the tie-dye varies on each pair.

Thanks for reading XOXO, Des

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Disney for College Kids: Finding Dory

I've seen tons of speculations about Disney films making sequels and such geared towards college kids. When we were younger we watched Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, and Toy Story. Now that we are older we see Andy going to away to college and having to say good bye to his childhood toys; it is a parallel to our lives and growing up watching these movies. Monsters Inc. had more of a prequel to the movie by showing Mike and Sulley and how college was for them. Our childhood movies are coming back to us just as we are venturing out into the world and stating a new, we are lost amidst the changes we are facing and wishing we were once again in elementary school watching our favorite Disney films and shows.

I'm making this post since today Ellen released a preview to Finding Dory on her show, for many others and myself we have been waiting years and years for this to happen and it's finally here. To me Finding Dory relates to all the colleges kids trying to find out who they are and going back to their families and roots to figure that out.
This post is short but I just wanted to bring up how these movies related to my friends and I because like us they have grown old. We grew up with Disney and they are once again helping us to grow up by making relate-able content.
I can't wait to watch Finding Dory and to see if it was really worth the wait.

Thanks for reading XOXO, Des