Monday, February 1, 2016

My First YouTube Video!

A couple of months ago I posted my first YouTube video, and boy was it an experience. I don't get how Youtubers have the confidence to talk to the camera as if its a person; for me it was just too weird so I opted for a voice over which was still nerve-racking to me. I give my applaud to those who can talk to a camera.
This video took place in my bedroom after a shower, in it I explain my hair care routine. My editing is sloppy in my opinion since it was the first time I ever had to edit a video and I could only use the options on Imovie on my Iphone. The quality also isn't up to standard with "the best of the best" on YouTube because I just used my Iphone instead of a professional grade camera.

If you like this video I'll try to be less awkward and make more or even start to use Periscope. Also if you want me to list all the products I use or a review of the products just let me know and I'll type it up and list places you can purchase the products from.
Thanks for reading XOXO Des