Monday, June 30, 2014

Getting to know me

The Mixed Girls Tag: Who is the girl with the big crazy curls?

1.) What are you mixed with? 

Jamaican(Mom) and White/European decent (Dad)

2.) What ethnicity have you often been mistaken for? 

Puerto Rican or Mexican(and other hispanic nationalities) 

3.) Is you hair Curly or Straight? 


4.) Was coming from different backgrounds challenging growing up? 

For me yea, it was pretty difficult because in today's society biracial children are forced to choose one race to associate themselves with. I was also self conscious and had low self-esteem for the longest time because I was and will always be different from "pure-breed" people, I still have it today but i'm beginning to like myself more.

5.) Which background do embrace most? 

Mostly white mainly because I hang around more white children and i haven't really had any good experiences with "black" children. Black children tend to refer to me as a "light-skin" since i'm fairly pale due to my father being white. It's hard to fit in when you're "too white for the black kids, and too black for the white kids." 

6.) Have you ever been teased for being different? 

Umm, yea mainly by black children. (reference question 5)

7.) Have you ever been ashamed of being Multiracial? 

Yea, most my life I wished I was full white so that I could fit in with others.

8.) Do you feel that being Mixed has it's benefits? 

In a way yes, well at least for me and my big hair. Like sometimes ill just walk down the street and a random person will either stop their vehicle or come up to me and tell me they LOVE my hair. 
Also by being mixed you get a better outlook on life since you have more than one culture present in your life. I personally feel that everyone should marry and date outside of their race so that one day everyone is Multi-racial and then no one could be racist.

*imagine a world without racism* it would definitely be a better place.

9.)What makes being Multi-Racial a beautiful thing? 

Being multi-racial gives you outlooks on life and more opportunities since you catch peoples attention with your "exotic" looks.

10.) Any advice to some who struggle with their Multiracial Identity?

Just find people who like you for you and surround yourself with them. Because if someone truly likes and cares for you, even on a purely friend basis, they won't care that you're multi-racial, in-fact they might even like you more for being multi-racial since that makes you unique and stand out.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mermaid Makeup

 To get into the summer spirit I decided to experiment with some of my makeup. I studied many YouTube videos and observed many pictures before pulling out my makeup. My finished product was only my first attempt and afterwards I decided what i should do next time to make it even better.

Products used:

  • Urban Decay Deluxe Palette
  • Random palette with pink colors
  • Any chapstick
  • Fishnet dress (or any material you can place on your head)
  • Sponge (and or makeup brushes)
  • Colored Contacts
*If you would like you could also use mascara or eyeliner but I forgot to use mascara because I was trying to beat the sunset.

Place a fishnet pattern over your face. 
Take your sponge and go from
layer on the colors til the desired shade. 
*for a brighter look you can always start with a primer or concealer.
*if you would like to include more exposed skin place the fishnet on your neck and arm go from "Graffiti" back to Pink so the colors look more synced.

*Now is when i would put in my contacts if you choose to do so.

For your eyelids use the same order of colors but stop at color that's closest to your eye and fan it out.
*Mine stops at "Peace" so i just extended the blue into the fishnet pattern.

The finishing step is to apply your chapstick and take your pink sparkly eye-shadow and dab it on your lips to make them a more pinky color with a few sparkles to reflect off the camera. 

Now change into a "Mermaid" like top or swimsuit and take pictures to post. If you want a more Mermaid like effect you could always invest in a $3,000 Mermaid Tail to scare others on the beach or have a more realistic mini-photo-shoot.