Sunday, February 7, 2016

Cutting My Hair

People always told me that they would kill to have my curls and I never really got why because to me they were a pain in the butt. Yeah, they were pretty but strangers didn't have to de-tangle this mane and keep it conditioned and healthy. One time I was walking with my friend in-front of Randalls (a grocery store in my area) and a lady stopped her car, rolled down the window, and shouted that she loved my hair. It was extremely embarrassing but not the first time its happened so I smiled and said thank you before continuing on with my day.
The reason I decided to chop off my hair was simply because it was boring to me, I had already died the bottom blue but I wanted something completely new. First I shaved and cut the sides and back. 

After some time the sides grew to be too long and as my ex told me that I looked like a clown, which made me cry and decide to cut my hair to all of the same length...
Think this with a bun on top
My hair is currently short and way more manageable because if I'm being lazy I can put on a hat and call it a day. At some point I plan to attempt to make another video on my new hair care routine.
Such a weird angle but you can see how short my hair is.
Thanks for reading XOXO Des